Hi, welcome to our  website. Looking for a great Holiday? Just want some information about our projects? Curious what travelers before you experienced? Just feel free to wonder around. Allow us to introduce ourselfs and tell you about our great offers.


On this website we offer you a change to have a great vacation. Usually you read about the more then 7000 islands and beautiful beaches in the Philippines. And of course this is true. Sure you can have a great diving trip, you can enjoy the famous beaches of Borocay or Palawan, but if you want to experience the real Philippines, you are at the right spot. 

We offer you a vacation, in the Philippines, with Philippines and like Philippines. Look at our tours page to show what we mean. 

We are not just another tour operator. We are a company with a mission. We want to help the people who need it. Sure, there are a lot of NGO's that are active in the Philippines, but we want to offer help that matters. So our help is on a very small scale, but very accurate. Want to know more, look at the ' about us'  page and our ' projects'  page

We want to offer anybody a great stay in this wonderful country. Especially those who need some more attention during their stay. Since five years we organize trips for people with special needs. We have a warm heart for people with autism. See our ' special groups' page for more details. 

We are looking forward to meet you, please be so kind to leave us a comment. 




Jenneifer Rodriguez & Han Coster