Jennah  tours wants you to experience the wonderfull beauty of the philipines. The philipines is so much more then the beautifull beaches of the wel known area's like Palawan, and Borocay. 

Traveling with Jennah tours means traveling on the Philipine way. We take you on your trip with common public transportations daily used by the Philipine people. Enjoy riding in a jeepny, tricycles or local buses. Local guides will guide you trough the noisy and hectic traffic. Visit public markets and places unkown to most of the tour companies yet. Enjoy the interaction with the local people. Visit the barancays (sub divisions) where the people will great you with joy. Visit a local family for lunch or a drink and experience how the philipino people live.


All out guides speak English and will according to the Philipine hospitality make sure you will enjoy every minute. 


We travel low budget. That means your costs will be low, although we visit the most beautiful places our contacts with the local people makes sure that your stay will be much cheaper then you could ever imagine.

Just try it, ask us to give you a trip proposal, use the contact form.