Before working in Jennah, Han was co-founder and owner of a company in the Netherlands specialized in helping autistic people. Amongst other things, one of the prjects was group meeting with you adult with autism. Always curious about the adventures in the Philippines they asked one day, can we not come with you. Since that day, we organized for four years trips to Philippines with autistic people. 

Fot our autistic clients  the trips are challenging. Everyday sensory information is sometimes to much for them en they can be easily over loaded bij the sensory information they experience. In a country where noise, movement, heat etc are more then what they normaly experience its even more a challenge. 

To our experience they can overcome their fears. We advise to bring their headset, their sunglasses and everything they use to fight their  overloaded sensory issues. Its an adventure for them, and of course in our trips we are well aware of the problems. So we keep a close look at their behavior, make sure there is plenty of time to relax  and to come down form their anxiety. Every day ends with a group talk or individual talks to see what can be done better to face a new day. 

please look in the comment section, what they write about their experience themselves. 


Its a holiday, they will never forget. We challenge their own development, eating things they never thought they will eat. Experience crowds, heat and participation in a group. How about, going to the market with Jennifer by jeepney or trycicle. Walking in the crowd, choosing your own food. Cooking all together and eating the food you choose and cook. Not in a modern kitchen, but in a kitchen Philipino style, where you need to improvise, communicate and cooperate. Driving to the mountains on the top of a jeepney, walking trough caves 80 meters below the surface, swimming with whale sharks. They never thought they will do it, but now they are proud. 

We also noticed that a lot of the things they experienced during their trip, is taken back by them and helps them in there everyday life back home.