Jennifer Rodriquez and Han Coster are the faces behind Jennah. We met in 2012 in Manilla and decide to travel together trough the country. Han wanted to see the Philippines without the common touristic attractions. Jennifer, as a Philipina, offered to tour him around the country to meet the real Philipines. So we traveled, using local transportation like jeepny, tricycle and pedicap and visited beautiful places and met wonderful people. 

We met a lot of people who did not have the same changes in live like we are used to in the western world. During our travel we talked about it and what we could do about the situation for the people.  we did not want to be another NGO. 

So we decided to concentrate on education and keep a small scope, and focus on children from relatives and friends so we would be able to control the money and make sure it goes where it belongs.

To obtain the necessary money we first use our own budgets and tell people we are looking for donations. Secondly, we start organizing tours trough the Philipines and use the profit for our projects. 


Still are this the main sources for our projects, and we sure can use more donations. If you like to donate, check our projects page. 


Education in the Philipines is not really expensive. The Gouvernment provides free schooling. But almost every Philipine parent dreams of a private school for their child. The most expenses however are things like a school uniform, books, study material and projects, which parents can most often not afford. E